Cherry Cottage CL

COVID Secure Commitment


Welcome back! 

Please see below how we have changed some of our procedures to ensure we keep members, guests, and staff, safe and well whilst touring with the Club.

Whilst there are some new processes and procedures that may be unfamiliar, and some elements may take slightly longer than usual due to COVID Secure protocols, rest assured our usual high standards of friendliness and cleanliness will ensure you continue to enjoy the great outdoors with us.

Before you arrive on site

You will have been emailed regarding your booking together with details of  “COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) INFORMATION FOR VISITORS TO Cherry Cottage CL”, Corona Virus Booking Guarantee and Gerneral Booking Terms and Conditions.  

PLEASE NOTE: Cherry Cottage CL will not be providing PPE for your stay - you will need to bring your own PPE - eg face masks, sanitiser and disposable gloves etc in line with government recommendations.   We will provide hand sanitiser for use before/after use of the shared facilities i.e. bins, CDP, shared taps this is for use when you are unable to wash hands as recommended. You will also need to bring bags to dispose of household waste in as all waste will need to be bagged. 


To reduce the COVID-19 risk for you we are delighted to advise that we have decided to install individual taps to each pitch, therefore we recommend that you bring appropriate kit to allow you to connect directly to the water supply.   This will greatly reduce the use of the shared drinking water tap.   Please note there will be no drains on the pitches therefore you will need to ensure you bring and use a waste master/bucket etc to collect grey water, it is not acceptable to allow this to drain on the pitch. 


COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) INFORMATION YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED (by email with booking confirmation):

●      Do not travel to the site if anyone in your household or anyone you have recently been in contact with, have any symptoms of Covid-19.

●      Guests should not self-isolate, shield or quarantine on site

●      Members staying on site who wish to meet up with family or friends that are not staying on the site themselves, should arrange to meet them ‘off site’. No day visitors

●      Regularly wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and keep a safe distance from other campers

●      Wash hands throughly before and following contact with  - gate code lock, water taps, chemical waste disposal point, recycling bins.  If you are unable to do so then hand sanitiser is provided in near the CDP.  You may wish to wear gloves if so these should be disposed of in your caravan’s bagged household waste. 

●      In line with our Corona Virus Booking Guarantee the balance of all pitch fees are to be paid by bank transfer.   

●      Please advise by email your estimated arrival date. 

●      To ensure social distancing you will not be physically greeted after arrival but you will be contacted by phone,  just like to say 'hello' and answer any questions.  If you have any questions please on 01300 345507 or email to

●      If you need to self-isolate due to any symptoms you may have,please let us know as soon as possible.  We will rearrange your booking in line with our Corona Virus Booking Guarantee.  

●      If you wish to arrange an on-line supermarket delivery here at Cherry Cottage CL our address is Cherry Cottage, Middlemarsh, Sherborne Dorset DT9 5QL remember to provide delivery instructions along with your order.  You will need to be present meet the driver at the entrance gate, no delivery vehicles to enter the CL 

    If you have any concerns at all regarding your health please call the NHS 111 helpline



Arriving on site

The next time you arrive on-site you will notice a few changes.


●      The earliest arrival is from midday onwards, latest arrival 8.00pm

●      If you are delayed on route please email or text to advise. 

●      Check-in will be by phone (from your car/outfit), after your arrival. Please text the number provided in your arrival instructions to stay you have arrived and have pitched on site to the number provided in your email. 

●      If you are unable to check-in by phone, please advise us before arrival so an alternative process can be put in place.


Pitching up

Our pitches are at least 9m apart laterally from the centre, so we already have good social distancing in place.

●      All pitches will be allocated and you will have been advised of your pitch number prior to arrival.  We regret we will not be able to change the allocation. Please check the notice board for any last minute changes.    The pitches are marked by white markers. 

Please pitch with your rear offside corner to the water tap, so you will be central on the pitch, the rear of the unit shoud be parallel to the hedge behind the EHUs.  Awning on one side and car on the other.  In wet weather cars can be parked on hard standing in front of caravan. 


Using other communal facilities

Our other common facilities such as water points, CDP & waste disposal areas will be limited to use by one family group at any one time to meet social distancing requirements.

●      Should any of the facility area  be occupied or in use, you will need wait on the driveway.

●      Please observe the appropriate social distancing requirements or return when it is not in use

The toilet, laundry room (including micro shop) , information hut (including book exchange are currently closed.   You will need to ensure you have your own toilet/shower facilities. 


Using picnic benches 

●      These will be limited to use by one family group at any one time to meet social distancing requirements - please do not not share food and drink with other members outside your group

●      Members staying on site who wish to meet up with family or friends that are not staying on the site themselves, should arrange to meet them ‘off site’ . No day visitors on site are permitted.


Using dog walk 

●      The small gate to the dog walk will remain closed to reduce touch points, the large gate by the entrance is to be left open at all times. We recommend everyone follows an anti- clockwise route around the field to avoid meeting other guests.  

●      Please keep your dogs on leads at all times. 

●      Please refrain from touching other visitors dogs, our ponies or black cat. 


Provisions etc

●      If you wish to arrange an on-line supermarket delivery here at Cherry Cottage CL Middlemarsh Sherborne Dorset DT9 5QL remember to provide delivery instructions along with your order. - Do not give out gate code/s  You will need to meet the delivery at the main entrance, no deliveries to be admitted to the CL. 

●      There is a good local shop with easy street parking in Buckland Newton (the next village) social distancing etc in place. 

●      If leaving the site to walk please use the side gate under the cherry trees, please show consideration for the local community. Respect social distance in all contacts outside the site.


What if I'm unwell on site?

We really hope this doesn't happen but if you’re staying on-site and feel unwell (with Covid symptoms), please follow the guidance below.

●      Go online to NHS 111

●      As this is a remote site please call the site phone number 01300 345507 or one of the emergency mobile numbers you will have been provided with to let us know the situation.

●      If you have COVID-19 symptoms or are contact traced you need to go back to your place of residence immediately and you will be refunded for days not used.  This is to protect other guests. Hopefully we never need to use it.

●      If a member becomes unwell and is advised to have a test, the NHS track and trace guidance will need to be followed.

●      If you have to isolate on site, your party/family are not permitted to make use of any communal facilities whilst self isolating on site.  

●      All refuse from the outfit should be doubled bagged and taken home, not disposed of on site

●      You can use a designated service point to get water and dispose of grey/black waste, but only by contacting the site owner in advance and arranging a specific time to do this.  We will then need to clean the service point with the appropriate chemicals before anyone else uses it.

●      If you are unable to leave the site we may relocate your unit off the pitching area to another  area for isolation.

●      We can assist with delivery of medicines, food supplies and extra cleaning materials as required to a designated area outside of the pitch.

 Checking out

●      We will contact you by phone within 24 hours of your departure. 


Doing your bit on site

As the saying goes, ‘we are all in this together’ and by respecting each other and the guidance provided by the Government we can all stay safe and well.

●      Please use your own onboard facilities and PPE, sanitiser etc to help manage cleanliness on site

●      Please be considerate of other members' needs to access shared facilities by minimising your dwell time.

●      Please wash your hands/sanitise after using CDP, water points, waste disposal etc

●      Keep to social distancing guidelines where possible and avoid shortcutting across pitches.

●      Always follow the current government guidance on-site and in the local area.

●      Respect social distancing and supervise children at all times. 

●      Limited social gatherings to a maximum of 6 people outside.

●      Regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. 

 What we will do

If you inform us of your arrival time we will try and phone you after your arrival 

●      We will clean touch points on entrance gate pin pad, CDP tap and cover,  shared water tap and bins at least  once a day

●      Answer any questions you have by phone 01300 345507 or email to keep contact to a minimum

●      Maintenance of the site - mowing of grass etc. We will try to carry out when most guest are away from site and maintain social distancing

For further information, please refer to Cherry Cottage CL Terms and Conditions and Cherry Cottage Corona Virus Booking Guarantee and cancellation policy or visit CherryCottageCL.Com